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Economy Television Network provides information on cryptocurrency, stocks, and global economy news. We also broadcast press conferences held by government officials. Our studio is located at 10 E 34th St, New York, NY 10018.

Economy Television Network

Hakan Tezer: Co-founder. Tezer is a videographer and journalist who was raised in Europe. Tezer helped build the first and only Fox News station in Turkey. Tezer has also worked for TRT, Health TV, and Verizon’s Fios 1 News. Tezer earned his bachelor’s degree in communications at Marmara University, and his master’s in business administration at Istanbul University. 

Brianne Talocka: Co-founder. Talocka is a journalist who has reported for NBC and FOX affiliated television stations. She’s also reported for Verizon’s news channel, Fios 1 News. Talocka grew up in America and has lived in five different states: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and South Carolina.  She earned her bachelor’s degree at King’s College, where she majored in English and double minored in neuroscience and communications.

Kumar Kalantri: Executive producer. Kalantri is the chair of BK Style Foundation, and Fashion Week Brooklyn. He is the CEO of Aum Shanti Aum Production, and he produces events about global peace and climate change. 

Eric Nuri: News director. Nuri is the founder of Lighthouse Productions RI. He’s also a former videographer for NTV and Star TV.

Yari Sarikaya: Foreign correspondent. Sarikaya is a foreign correspondent for Economy Television Network. She covers business and career-related topics.

James Liam: Foreign correspondent. Liam is a foreign correspondent for Economy Television Network. He covers economy news. Liam is also a research associate for the Mercatus Institute.